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Many thanks to our teachers and leaders, members of the Bechtel I-Center's international and local community who volunteer their time and skills to make these programs possible.

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Classes & Programs for Spouses & Partners
Spring 2015: April 6th - June 5th

All the classes and activities take place at the Bechtel International Center unless it says otherwise.


Friday Morning Coffee

This informal gathering is an ideal way to meet other spouses and learn about the many options for enriching your stay in the Stanford area. Conversation tables offer an informal way to meet others, practice English and share experiences. Join us every Friday, between 10 a.m. and noon! You are welcome to join the Friday Coffee for Songs for Children, around 11:00 am in the Back Lounge! We each bring a snack or fruit or juice to go with the coffee and tea provided by the I-Center. Volunteers are always needed to help set -up (at 9:30 a.m.) and put away afterward! First Friday Morning Coffee of the winter quarter is April 10th. Everyone (with and without children, new and returning) is equally welcome. Welcome!


Spouse Workshops, Groups & Events

Meetup Groups

Adult Choir. With Isabelle Ang. Weekly, Wednesdays from 5.00-6.00pm. Starts April 15. Do you love to sing? Come join us music making! No experience required. We will be working on using good singing posture and breathing support. We will also talk about fundamental music theory, singing techniques and ensemble skills. We will be singing folks from around the world and beautiful pieces from classical to contemporary! Fee: $5 for music. Contact Isabelle with questions isabelle.ang@outlook.com

Book Club. With Jessica Priestley. Monthly, Mondays from 7:15 – 8:45 p.m. Apr 13, May 11, June 8. The Bechtel Book Club meets once a month on Monday evenings for a friendly and informal discussion of a novel we have read (or, occasionally, short stories) over a glass of wine and snacks. It's a great way to think more deeply about why you loved or disliked a particular book, and to hear different perspectives on it from other Book Club members. Novels are chosen by Book Club members, so you will have a chance to put forward books for discussion that you are particularly interested in reading. The Book Club is also open to partners - please bring your significant other along if you would like to! If you would like to join the book club, please email Jessica at bechtelbookclub@gmail.com in advance. Book Club is free, but members are responsible for sourcing a copy of the book each month and should try to finish the book before the meeting. Books this quarter: Apr 13 – Purple Hibiscus, by Chimananda Ngozi Adichie. May 11 – Notes from the Underground, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. June 8 – Tender is the Night, by Scott Fitzgerald

Going to the movies.With Kathrin Brunner. About every four weeks we will meet up to see a movie together in one of the cinemas near Stanford. There is no charge to join the group, but entrance fees to theatres will have to be paid by the participants. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about the next film occasion, contact Kathrin at bechtelmovienight@gmail.com

Guys Night Out. With Ulrich Ritter. Join other male spouses for a beer to meet others & share ideas about possible future activities. Contact Ulrich at: ulrich.j.ritter@googlemail.com for more details and the next date.

Woman’s Night Out. With Sally Fox. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 pm. The Woman´s Night Out is an informal get-together for women & a wonderful way to exchange experiences with other international spouses at Stanford. For more information, especially about the changing locations, and to join the Woman´s Night Out email list please contact Sally at wnostanford@gmail.com


Events & Workshops

CCIS Music Potluck Night. With CCIS Events Ragna & Tina. Sunday, May 3, 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Come and enjoy an evening of music and good food. Everyone welcome! Free.

CCIS International Spring Swap. With CCIS Events Ragna & Tina. Friday, May 15th (during FMC), 10.00am – 12.00pm. Get rid of your old stuff & come back things you need! Clean your closets at home and bring everything you do not need anymore (e.g. clothes, toys, books, etc). We will put everything people bring on tables and you take what you like. It’s a lot of fun for you & the kids! Remaining things will be donated to a nonprofit-organization. Free.

Mobile App Development. With Renato Cordeiro. Thursdays, Apr 16, 23, 30, May 7, 5.30-6.30pm. Mobile App Development is a class that will teach you how to create your own mobile app. So, if you have the idea that will be the next “WhatsApp” and didn’t know how to create it, this class is for you. We will be working with framework called Corona (which is based on Lua language) that allows you to use 1 single code to create apps for both iOS and Android. You need to know (or at least have any idea) of how to code (in any language) Bring your own computer. Contact Renato with questions renato@renatocordeiro.com Free.

Summer Quarter planning meeting. With Magdalena Bull May 11, 2.30-3.30pm. Want to help plan the Spouse Program summer quarter? Want to teach a class at the I-center? Come discuss your ideas! Free.

Transition and Career

Career Development Workshops. With Jessica Li and Janet Ramirez. Every Tuesday, 10.30am-12.00pm. Starts Apr 7. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CLASS MEETS AT THE CDC. Come participate in 8 career development workshops. Topics will include job search strategies in the US, interview preparation, resume review, networking, and so much more! Participants are required to meet one-on-one with a career counselling intern outside of class for at least one session. Maximum number of participants is 15. These will be allocated on a first-come-first serve basis. Please email Jessica for questions and to secure a space jmli3512@stanford.edu

Job Search Networking Group. With Emrah Gursoy. Weekly on Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30pm. Starts Mar 25. A group of professional spouses looking for jobs at companies in the area. The format is a combination of a panel (learning from other internationals who have successfully found jobs) and a support group of peers sharing learning – we can also do some workshop sessions for resumes, case interview practices, etc. This group is intended for those who are eligible to work in the US. Although our group is open to anyone and everyone, it is more geared towards professionals looking for full-time positions in for-profit companies (rather than academic, volunteer or on-campus positions). This group helps members in 3 ways: 1) Learn from the experience of other internationals that have gone through the job search process in the US and successfully found jobs. Particular focus on “the American way” to look for jobs including how to write resumes, interview and network the American way. 2) Share contacts at target companies with each other to extend network (Lack of a local network is one of the biggest disadvantages of internationals looking for a job). Learn from each other’s experiences interviewing at target companies. 3) Use each other as resources for proofreading resumes, mock interviews, case interview practicing, etc. The fee for this program is a promise to buy drinks to the group when you get a job and receive your first salary payment :) Contact Emrah eegursoy@hotmail.com with questions.

Life Changes & Transitions. With Anna Fernandez. Wed May 13, 5.30-7.30pm. This workshop offers support to help international families and spouses to adjust to their new life at Stanford. The workshop explores new roles, new identities, ways of thinking and stages of change. It helps to deal with losses and to welcome the new opportunities that new experiences can offer. Free.

Professional Liaison Workshops for International Spouses. With Henry Lum. Weekly on Fridays 9.15-11.00am Starts Apr 6. Provide opportunity for international spouses who cannot work in the U. S. with an opportunity to talk with local professionals in their career field.  Also learn about other careers and interact with other professionals.  Enhance your English communication skills through presentations, discussion of idioms commonly found in newspapers, and discussion of articles of current interest. Free.

Professional Liaison for International Spouses. Meet a local person with similar career interests. This program is for spouses who are not eligible for employment. Application forms are in the I-Center lobby. Free.

Women In a New Land: Film Screening. With Monika & Mai. May 5, 5.30-7.30pm. Join us for the screening of this film featuring the lives of four spouses who came to Stanford to accompany their husbands. Created and filmed by Maria Vaccaro, herself a spouse from Belgium, the film illustrates the many challenges faced by women (with and without children) whose lives and careers are interrupted by this international experience. After the screening, share your impressions during an informal discussion with Monika & Mai, who will be there to share their experiences of what it was like to come to Stanford for them. Light refreshments will be served. Free.

Work Panel & Networking. With Magdalena Bull. Monday, April 27th, 4.45-7.30pm. Come and listen to how people in our community have found work. The event will start with a brief introduction on how to apply for your work permit. Then we will be joined by men and women who have found work here in the Bay Area and who will share their job hunting strategies and experiences with you. We will end the evening with a networking hour. Refreshments will be served. Come with your notebooks and questions for this informal evening at the I-Center. Free. Email Magdalena with questions mbull@stanford.edu

Exercise Classes

Bollywood Fusion Dance Workshops. With Srishti Goyal & Harsha Jain. Mondays, 5.00-6.00pm, Apr 27, May 4, May 18, Jun 1. Bollywood fusion is what I like to call an "Indian Spin" on the international dance styles like jazz, theatre, dance hall, hip-hop, Latin, Salsa. These styles are made Bollywood by adding a flavor of "thumka" and "jhatka" to them and performing them on some Desi Beats. Each song has its own feel and its own style associated with it. The class will have a choreographed stretching session, some basic techniques as well as a little bit of "across the floor" technique. We will also focus on actual choreography. Free. Contact Srishti to sign up srishti7389@gmail.com

Brazilian Mixed Dancing. With Juscele Duraes. Thursdays, 6.15-7.15pm. Apr 9 – May 21. Join us for an exciting class containing the best of Brazil: Samba, Axe and Funk! Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a bottle of water. Free. Email Juscele with questions jujuduraes@gmail.com

Climbing Meetup. With Anne Eyb and Kiko Maeda. Weekly on Thursdays from 11.00am-1pm. Starts Apr 9. If you want to be active, have some challenges and have some fun, join the climbing meetup at the new Stanford Climbing Wall, 285 Santa Teresa Street (NOT the bouldering center at Galvez Street)! Climbing is a great sport to improve techniques, strength and flexibility and we will be there to share some of our tips and tricks. All levels of experience welcome. If you are a beginner, you are welcome to join us for bouldering. If you wish to rope climb, you will need to pass a test for a green belay card. The Climbing Gym holds several free belay classes each week, check out the schedule here. Please bring water and wear stretchy and comfortable clothes suitable for exercise. You can borrow harnesses and belay devices from the wall. Attending this group is free, but shoes can be rented from the Outfitting Center next door for $3. Please note that the Outfitting Center do not open until 2pm on Thursdays - you will need to rent shoes prior to the session! Check out their opening times here. Email Anne with questions anne.eyb@gmx.de

Free Style Bollywood Dance. With Amrita Kahaly. Weekly on Tuesdays from6.00-7.00pm. Starts Mar 31. Learn basics of some Indian different dance styles through Bollywood dancing. Mar 31 & Apr 28  Bollywood Bhangra, May 19 Bollywood Garva, May 26 & Jun 2 Bollwyood Bharatanatyam. Learn basic steps of Bollywood dancing through different dance style. Any dance lover is welcome. Register before March 29, 2015 by emailing at amritakahaly.ghosh@gmail.com

Sevillanas (Spanish Dance). With Irene Moreno. Thursdays, 5.00-6.00pm. Starts Apr 16. Typical dance from Southern Spain, closely related to Flamenco. People intending to dance flamenco usually start by learning sevillanas. Sevillanas are danced by couples of all ages and sexes during celebrations based on folk  and happy music. Free. Email Irene with questions iretoledo@hotmail.com

Yoga for All-Vinyasa Flow Yoga. With Yuko Ikeda. Weekly on Wednesdays from 10.15-11.45am. Starts Apr 15. This fun, emerging set to mellow healing music teaches the fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga Flow including sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, seated and reclining poses, backbends, core isolation and strengthening. There is no set sequence and the teacher brings her own style.  Special emphasis is placed on moving into and out of postures safely, correct alignment, using the breath, and learning to quiet the chatter of the mind to find place and inner stillness. Aimed primarily at newer students and those with a casual practice. Come along and discover just how good yoga can make you feel! Please bring own yoga mat, towel, ice water, and wear comfortable clothes. Free. Email Yuko with questions yukosj@yahoo.com

Yoga: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga with Babies. With Yuko Ikeda. Weekly on Wednesdays from 12.00-1.00pm. Starts Apr 15. This special class is designed to support both prenatal and postnatal women with their new baby’s, through all the physical and emotional changes. Come share the evolutionary process of motherhood by connecting with other women, allowing the opportunity for onward reflection, providing a health physical and emotional outlet for your experiences. Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, ice water, and wear comfortable clothes. Free. Email Yuko with questions yukosj@yahoo.com


Classes & Activities -

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Language Classes

Informal English Classes

Basic Chinese & Culture. With Jingying Cai. Weekly, Fridays from 4.00-5.00pm. Starts Mar 27. The class is designed for beginners to learn basic Chinese and Chinese culture. Students will learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and conversation. The topics of the class will be discussed in the class, such as travelling, food, traditional culture or modern culture. There can be some homework for students who want to practice writing Chinese characters. Free. Email Cai with any questions greengreen1983@gmail.com

Basic German Language & Culture. With Jasmin Steiner. Weekly, Tuesdays from 12.45pm-1.45pm. Starts Apr 7. This class is for everyone who wants to speak, read and write simple German while exploring this interesting culture. This class is a great way to figure out what German and Germany is all about. It aims to equip the students with sufficient language, vocabulary and grammar skills to be able to visit Germany as a tourist. Contact Jasmin with any questions jasmin.steiner1@gmail.com Fee: Pay $5 on the first session for photocopies.

All-levels German Language class. With Sabrina Beirau. Weekly, Thursdays from 10.30am-12.00pm. Starts Apr 9. Open to everyone who is interested in German Language. Primary goals are to introduce beginning and continuing students to basic structures of the German language by developing vocabulary and familiarizing students with sentence structure and grammar through written and oral exercises. Contact Sabrina with any questions sabrina.beirau@aol.com Fee: Pay $5 on the first session for photocopies.

History of the American West. With Jasmin Steiner .Wednesdays 12.30-2.00pm. Starts Apr 8. What do we talk about when we say American West? What myths, legends, and historical events created the narrative of the rugged frontiersmen ‘exploring’ America? What observations have you made about Western American culture? This class is designed to introduce the most important historical events from roughly the 1850s to 1950s and will cover topics such as westwards expansion, Indian removal, homesteading, gold rush, and the development of California as the frontier of leisure. Each class will be accompanied by a reading (usually a textbook available at the Stanford library) that reflects the latest historical trends in discussing the American West. Completing all or any reading is absolutely not mandatory for participating in the class – they will only structure the lecture and following discussion. Free. Contact Jasmin with any questions jasmin.steiner1@gmail.com

Italian for beginner/intermediate students. With Valentina Consolo. Weekly, Thursdays 2.45-4.15pm. Starts Apr 9. Italian language from the basics on. By reading some small easy text we will discover or improve our knowledge of Italian culture, vocabulary and grammar structures. Email Valentina with questions vale.consolo@gmail.com Free.

Italian Conversation advanced level. With Francesca Lorenzon. With Valentina Consolo. Weekly, Thursdays 4.30-6.00pm. Starts Apr 9. We will read and discuss literary works of Italian writers (or abstracts of them), newspaper articles and so on. It is a good way to improve your already wide vocabulary and to practice your Italian. Email Valentina with questions vale.consolo@gmail.com Free.

Japanese Conversation & Culture (Beginners). With Yoko Ruckman. Weekly, Wednesdays from 2.00-3.30pm. Starts Apr 8. Upon completion of this course:  Learn conversation through Japanese culture (Example: greetings, traveling, shopping, Japanese food recipes, a way of life, and etc.)  Review hiragana, learn katakana, vocabulary and grammar skills. Fee: $5 for photocopies. Email Yoko with questions yokoruck1982@gmail.com  

Japanese Conversation & Culture (Intermediate level). With Yoko Ruckman. Weekly, Mondays from 2.00-3.30pm. Starts Apr 6. Upon completion of this course:  Learn conversation through Japanese culture (Example: greetings, traveling, shopping, Japanese food recipes, a way of life, and etc.)  Improve vocabulary, kanji reading/writing skills, and grammar skills. Fee: $5 for photocopies. Email Yoko with questions yokoruck1982@gmail.com  

Polish Language. With Aga Konik. Weekly on Fridays from 12.45-1.45pm. Starts Apr 10. Practical instruction of Polish Language for all levels of students. The program of the course can be tailored to the expectations of the participants. Times and dates are also flexible. If you are interested in attending but cannot make the advertised, we can work out an alternative schedule. If you want more information, email Aga aga.konik79@gmail.com Free.

Practicing French by Singing. With Patricia Boutigny. Wednesdays 1.45-3.00pm. Starts Apr 8. Do you like to sing and practice the French language? Wouldn’t signing be a great way to improve your pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, experience culture, literature and a little of history of France by singing old traditional or modern popular songs in French? I don’t promise you will become a talented opera singer by joining this class, but I guarantee a lot of positive effects of happiness, well feeling, sharing laughs with friends and knowledge about French. Secondary effect: Starting singing in the shower! No specific music or singing skills required, but basic French is recommended. Fee: $5 for photocopies. Email Patricia with questions patricia.boutigny@gmail.com

Spanish: Beginners. With Daniela Lucia Jaume Raggio. Mondays 9.30-11.00am. Starts Apr 6. This class is for those wanted to learn some basic grammar and vocabulary about this exciting language.  We are going to learn grammar, vocabulary and any other interest that you bring up in class. The teacher will provide the books for free.  Email Daniela with questions dalu09@hotmail.com

Spanish: Intermediate. With Daniela Lucia Jaume Raggio. Wednesdays 9.30-11.00am. Starts Apr 8. This class is for those that took Spanish for beginners before at the I-Center, or for anyone that already knows some basic grammar and vocabulary. We are going to learn grammar and vocabulary about this exciting language. We are going to learn grammar, vocabulary and any other interest that you bring up in class. The teacher will provide the books for free. Email Daniela with questions dalu09@hotmail.com.

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Cooking Classes:

Please note: For most cooking classes there is a fee (EXACT CASH ONLY!!!).To register and pay for a cooking class, please email the teacher for that cooking class. Ask them about refunds, recipes and other issues concerning your attendance. 

American Foods. With Robert Paugh. Thursdays, Apr 2, 9, 16, 23. 11.00am-2.00pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CLASS WILL MEET OFF-CAMPUS IN PALO ALTO. Menu: Apr 2 Sweet and sour chicken with rice. Apr 9 Salmon with shiitake and red wine sauce. Apr 16 Chicken vegetable soup with rice. Apr 23 Grilled fish tacos. Class size: Limited to four students. Class fee: $14 per class / $53 for all four classes. Contact Robert with questions and to sign up rlpaugh@gmail.com  

Chala Braiding and Baking. With Lior Noyovitch. Wed Apr 22, 5.30-8.30pm. Let’s learn the braiding skills of the great, delicious, sweet, braded, Jewish Chala bread! Fee: $5. Contact Lior with questions and to sign up liorno@gmail.com

Healthy Family Korean Foods. With Yunsook Lee & Jeongyoung Kim. May 6 & May 13, 5.00-6.30pm. Would you like to learn how to prepare healthy and delicious Korean fusion food? Please come and learn these great healthy meals for your family. MENU: May 6 Tofu crouton with salad (can be served with hot or sweet sauce depending on your flavor) and Korean steamed eggs. This will be nutritious and easy to prepare for your family. May 13 Cold noodle salad. This is especially nice in the summer when you lose your appetite. Class size: Limited to 8 students. Class fee: $15.00 per class. Please bring an apron and a box to bring home leftovers. To attend, sign up and pay fee please contact Jeongyoung jeongyoung2@gmail.com

Healthy & Nutritious Power Salads. With Anna Konopka. Weekly, Thursdays, 1.30-3.30pm (+ clean up time): Apr 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4. Spring is finally here! It is a perfect time to start a healthy & balanced, lighter diet to nourish, replenish, and cleanse our bodies after months of eating heavy winter foods. Our meals should be now full of nutrients and vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables - it is salad time! A salad can be much more than a bowl of dressed greens. It can be a meal that is healthy, delicious and satisfying. Power salads are balanced dishes packed with all the necessary nutrients. Healthy whole grains provide energy and fiber, poultry, seafood & legumes are excellent sources of proteins, vegetables, fruits, nuts & herbs are rich in minerals and vitamins. The benefits of healthy diet are countless so it is well worth the effort to learn how to prepare meals that are good for you. If you want to know how to make different healthy power salads that will make you feel and look great join this class and discover your talent for cooking delicious healthy food. Apr 9 Tuna, Boiled Potatoes & Eggs Salad with Fava Beans, Arugula, Onions & Sunflower Seeds in Balsamic Dressing. Apr 16 Tabouli: Bulgur Wheat, Cucumber, Tomato, Mint, Scallions & Parsley in Olive Oil---Lemon Dressing served with Garlic Hummus. Apr 23 Lentils, Roasted Carrots, Grilled Chicken Salad with Radicchio, Red Grapes, Almonds & Goat Cheese in Lemon Dressing. Apr 30 Soba Noodle & Salmon Salad with Mango, Carrot, Daikon, Cucumber & Roasted Peanuts in Ginger---Soy Dressing. May 7 Quinoa, Butternut & Red Bean Salad with Feta, Apples, Almonds & Cranberries in Greek Dressing. May 14 Farro, Shrimp & Butter Beans Salad with Baby Kale, Orange, Fennel & Cashews in Honey---Mustard Dressing. May 21 Spinach, Roasted Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Pomegranate, Red Onions, Pistachios & Gorgonzola in Honey---Lemon Dressing. May 28 Cous Cous, Chickpeas & Chicken Salad with Roasted Pepper, Carrots, Mint & Parsley, Raisins & Cashews in Lemon Dressing. Jun 4 Glass noodles, Scallops, & Pineapple Salad with Celery, Cucumber, Pea Shoots & Peanuts in Sweet Soy Dressing. Class fee: Single class $19, 3 classes $55, 5 classes for $85, all 9 classes $150. Max 8 students per class. Please bring aprons to protect clothes from stains and damage. Bring plastic containers for any food leftovers. To inquire about the class, sign up and pay, or if you have any questions about the class or menu, please contact the teacher Anna anna.konopka@me.com

Ice-Cream Making Demonstration. With Vida Revilla. Fri Apr 24, 1.00-1.30pm. Come see cold refreshing ice-creams being made in just 20 minutes. Fee: Free. Contact Vida with questions and to sign up v_revilla@yahoo.com

Solar Cooking Demonstration. With Vida Revilla. Fri May 8, 1.00-1.30pm. Sunshine with its many roles, can transform edibles into a delicious meal. With the us of a solar oven, we will demonstrate simple sun-cooked dishes. Fee: Free. Contact Vida with questions and to sign up v_revilla@yahoo.com

Arts, Crafts & Photography: . Check board for details about materials you’ll need to bring to class.

Handmade Card Making Workshop with a TWIST! With Harsha Jain. Apr 2, 2.30pm-4.30pm. Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, etc, we have so many occasions to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to make some beautiful handmade cards with a ‘Surprise Twist’ using different stamping techniques to send to your loved ones. In total, we will make 2 cards and a GIFT BOX that can be given during all occasions. You can pretty much put any sentiment on, so that you can be set for whatever you need. All supplies will be given. However, if you have a favorite adhesive, please feel free to bring it along. Maximum 6 participants. Fee: $20. Email Harsha with questions and to book your space in the workshop harsharjain@gmail.com

Handmade Paper Stars and Paper Flowers Making Workshop With Sabrina Beirau. Apr 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 2.00pm-4.00pm. This workshop is open to everyone who wants to learn how to make beautiful paper stars (3D bascetta stars) and paper flowers (kusudama flowers) which can be used as decorations or really impressive gifts. It is much easier than it looks, just come along and let’s have some fun together! Maximum 10 participants. Fee: $15. Please contact Sabrina with any questions, to pay and to sign up sabrina.beirau@aol.de

Learning Photography in the US. With Nicolas Pomares. Weekly, Wednesdays from 9.15-10.45am. Starts Apr 8. During your stay in the US, take the opportunity to shoot fabulous pictures and improve your skills in photography. Everyone is welcome, from basic to advance level. You can bring your laptop, camera, tablet, phone, whichever you prefer. Together, we will discover some American photographers, movie makers or painters, to enhance the artistic intention. Then we will see how to use your DSLR (or other cams) and how to manage ISO, shutter speed, aperture, what is framing, depth of field, exposure, bokeh, flare, how to shoot landscape, portrait, street photography, what is digital photography (raw file, jpeg, etc) pr post-processing (contrast, sharpness, BnW, creating panoramic view) etc. We will also discuss the ‘do’s and don’ts’ about your best shots. We will work towards an exhibition at the end of the quarter. So, let’s enjoy this land of wide open spaces and unique light! Please bring your own camera or phone if you are interested in learning more techniques. You are most welcome to attend the workshop without a camera or phone too. Come and learn all about techniques together! Free. Email Nicolas with questions nicopoms@gmail.com

Needlepoint Workshop. With Judi Chun. Weekly on Tuesdays, 2.00 - 4.00pm. Starts Mar 24. Judi Chun will lead an informal needlework group. Anyone is welcome to attend with any type of needlework project or without (you can come just to chat and/or watch and learn). However, beginners wanting to learn needlepoint (the focus of the group) will have the opportunity to make a needlepoint Stanford souvenir keychain. No prior experience necessary.  Children are welcome if accompanied by parent. Keychain blank and thread will be provided, but please bring scissors if you have them.  Cost for keychain blank is $20 per person (no cost if you bring your own project or do burlap vase decoration). There will also be samples available of other types of needlepoint work for those interested (pillow, door hanger, frame, coaster, tea tray, etc.). Contact instructor with questions. (This is a continuation of an ongoing workshop. Students wishing to needlepoint an additional keychain, or other project of their choosing, are welcome.) Email Judi judichun@stanfordalumni.org with questions.

Sewing Group. With Nur Turan. Weekly Thursdays 1.30-3.00pm. Starts Apr 23. Restyle or make new! Restyle or reuse your old clothes and home textiles, make simple new clothes, patchwork or home textiles, students have their own materials and patterns. Basic skills using sewing machines needed. Max. 7 students using the 5 machines we have. It is possible to bring your own sewing machine. Please bring basic supplies: scissors, pins, tape measure, eye needles, threads etc. The use of the machines is free, but if you want to use some of the materials we have, the fee is $10 - or bring left-over-fabric to share! Contact Nur to check for availability: fnur@hotmail.de

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Especially for Families and Children (parents must stay with children at all times)

Baby and Toddler Group. With Nevin & Marta. Weekly, Mondays from 10.30am–12.00pm. Starts Apr 6. If you're looking for buddies for your baby/toddler to play with and you also want to make connections with other parents at Stanford, you're all welcome to the group. We meet every Monday at Bechtel's patio at 10:30 a.m. We have a singing together activity at 10:45, then free play inside or outside (depending on the weather) and we finish with story time! Bring a song or a tale from your own country and explain it to all of us (you can bring a book, or puppets… whatever you want!). It would be wonderful for our kids to hear tales and sing songs from all around the world! And it's also a nice experience for parents too. Contact Marta mgwiazdowska@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. All are welcome at this informal playgroup! Free.

Family Group. With Cristina Moreno. Weekly, Tuesdays from 5.00-6.00pm. Starts Apr 7. This is a great opportunity to meet other Bechtel parents, and to have fun with the little ones! Come along for different activities together. Free. Contact Cris with questions reikignv@hotmail.com

Friday Morning Coffee Singing. With Nancy Windisch-Samusik. Weekly, Fridays from 11.00-11.30am. Starts Apr 6. Come with your baby or toddler and join our singing circle every Friday at 11.00am as part of Friday Morning Coffee in the Back Lounge. We sing songs together and perform finger plays and movement for kids of all ages. You are all welcome to join us and bring your own favorite songs to our circle! Free. Contact Nancy with questions nancy-windisch-samusik@ya.ru


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Career, Education & Information

  • rainbow head The Resource Center for International Families provides information about getting settled in the Stanford area and building your life here. Spouse volunteers are available to speak with you in many languages about continuing your education, volunteering, employment, recreation, & travel. Hours are posted in the lobby and on the website.

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Contact information

For more information and updates, contact Magdalena Bull, mbull@stanford.edu

For advice, send email to stanfordfamilies@gmail.com

To receive email notice of  programs for spouses, subscribe to our mailing list here arrow

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