Overseas Scholarship Diversity Outreach Video Project - IDEA Grant

The following video clips are interviews with some of the many Stanford Alumni who are past overseas scholarship recipients. They exemplify the vast diversity of our scholarship applicants.

Video Clips

1. Why did you apply?   (5:22)

  • Priyanka Narayan (Marshall Scholar, 2007)
  • Avery Willis Hoffman (Marshall Scholar, 1999)
  • Sanjoy Mahajan (Marshall Scholar Scholar, 1989)
  • Robert Kabera (Gilman and Turkish Coalition of America Scholar 2010)

2. What did you learn?  (7:37)

  • Dan-El Padilla (Sachs Fellow, 2006)
  • Avery Willis Hoffman
  • Robert Kabera
  • Priyanka Narayan

3. Where are you now?  (6:27)

  • Karen Matsuoka (Rhodes Scholars, 1998)
  • Avery Willis Hoffman
  • Dan-El Padilla
  • Sanjoy Mahajan

4. Advice  (7:01)

  • Dan-El Padilla
  • Karen Matsuoka
  • Robert Kabera
  • Priyanka Narayan

Created by:
Camira Powell, Video Project Coordinator,
Diane Murk, Supervisor, Manager, Overseas Resource Center

Summer 2011

Part of the Innovations in Diversity, Engagement and Awareness (IDEA) series generously funded by the Vice Provost of Student Affairs’ IDEA grant.

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