Fulbright Grantees conducting projects in 2012-2013 academic year


Rachel Antonsen (BA in History, ’12) Jordan - will compile a history and ethnography of vegetable production and distribution, with the goal of better understanding urban-rural networks and ordinary people’s decisions that affect these water-intensive crops.

Samantha Astudillo (BA in International Relations, ’10) Mexico ETA - will teach English at a university and work with local communities on issues of health and nutrition.

Lovelee Brown (BA in Anthropology, ’11) South Korea– will research chronic disease prevalence amongst South Korean women and its intersection with gender roles, family, and health care policy/practice.

Abena Bruce (BA in Human Biology, ’12) Ghana – will study breast cancer education strategies of physicians and patient advocacy organizations, and will research patient and public attitudes towards these efforts.

Melanie Goldstein (BA in Music, 12) Italy - will study at the Fiesole Scuola di Musica in order to continue her musical growth and experiment with innovative strategies for engaging audiences of classical music.

Rebecca Kraut (MA in Education, ’09) Georgia - will investigate and describe the educational experiences, backgrounds and beliefs of students learning English in Georgia to provide a resource for teachers and policymakers in the region.

Maija Leff (BS in Biology, ’10) Latvia - will be working with family physicians in Latvia to describe how cultural frameworks inform provider choices about mental health care options in the primary care setting.

Connor Pierson (BA in International Relations, ’12) Brazil ETA - will be working in English education at a teaching college and researching curricular development in environmental education programs at local primary and secondary schools.

Molly Pucci (PhD in History, ’03) Czech Republic & Poland– a comparative study of the structure and development of the communist secret police from 1945 to 1953 in Poland, Czechoslovakia and East Germany.

Kevin Singleton (PhD in Japanese Literature, ’14) Japan - will analyze the bundan, Japan's literary establishment, and the manner in which it has influenced modern Japanese literature.

Jacqueline Tandler (BA in International Relations, ’11) France - will investigate the evolution of France's nonproliferation and sensitive nuclear export policy since the 1960s.

Kiah Thorn (BA in International Relations, ’12) Spain ETA - will be working as an English Teaching Assistant at a university in Segovia, Spain and volunteering in the field of public health.

Alisha Tolani (BS in Human Biology, ’10) Honduras - will investigate how provision of support by a trained birth partner affects mothers giving birth in public hospitals in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Erica Toews (BA in English, ’10) Malaysia ETA - will teach conversational English to high school students in Malaysia, assist English teachers, and lead school-related activities.

Aurora Zhang (BS in Biology, ’12) Germany – will research which proteins regulate neurogenesis in adult neural stem cells, cells that are unique in their ability to replenish themselves and create new neurons in the adult brain.

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